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Richie Havens, Folk Legend, Dead At 72

Richie Havens, the dynamic folk guitarist and singer who galvanized audiences at the 1969 Woodstock Music Festival, died today of a heart attack in his home, according to a news item on his official website, He was 72. A public memorial is planned for a later date.

Who Doesn’t Like Free?

There is literally no end to the amount of music available. Between your dusty collection of eight-tracks and the internet, one could start listening today and never need to hear the same thing twice in a lifetime. But for the true music junkie, that means spending lots of money to fill up that iPod, yes?… Read More »

Listen, Live

Do you feel that beat? No? With recorded sound having been around now for more than 130 years, since at least 1877, when Edison invented the phonograph (though the phonatgram predates that invention – more about that another time), it’s easy to rely only on recorded sound as a source of input to the musical… Read More »

Sound Everywhere

What’s music to your ears? The rustle of leaves on a windy day? The laughter of a child? (Do you remember laughter?) The rev of a bus engine? The Hollies? Silence? SignalSurfer is about sound – music, mostly, but also about how sound is used in film and art. Stay, look, participate. Your comments are… Read More »