I’m Back® 35 Kickstarts Analogue Classics

By | April 16, 2020

Here’s a way to use your favourite film gear without using film.

Samuel Mello Medeiros together with his partner Filippo Nishino are hard at work at I’m Back GmbH to roll out both a medium-format and a 35mm digital back. What’s different about this company’s back is that they’re very adaptable and very cheap as far as digital backs go. The MF version is on IndieGogo at $464 and on Kickstarter for around $400 as pledge rewards with the usual higher MSRP after launch. The 35mm back, which is universal to dozens of cameras, is rolling out on Kickstarter at around $300.

The 35mm back will work with a very long list of classics, like the Nikon F-Series, Leica, Contax and many, many others. Here is what I’m Back® lists:

  • Canon A/A1/AE1/F1/FT/FTB/EOS300,  
  • b) Contax II/RTS/G1/G2, 
  • c) Diana F/F mini, 
  • d) Leica M1/M2/M3/M4/M6/M7/Leicaflex SL/R4/R5/R6, 
  • e) Minolta Dinaxx 7000i/Maxxum 7000/SRT/XD, 
  • f) Nikon EM/F/FA/FE/FE2/FG/FM/FM2/F2/F F4/F70/F90x/F100/S2/S3/Nikkormat FTN/EL, 
  • g) Olympus OM1/OM2/OM4/OM10, 
  • h) Pentax ME/ME super/K1000/Spotomatic, 
  • i) Praktica b200/MTL, 
  • j) Ricoh KR10, 
  • k) Yashica JP/FX3.

For other models, like Alpa, Contarex, Cosina and many more, you can use the Universal Back Cover already included in the I’m Back®35 box.

For the 35mm back, the max file size for the 2″ sensor is 14mb which they say produces great results at A4 (letter size) prints, if printing. But just the idea of using a digital back for your flagship F4 which has been, let’s be honest, collecting scads of dust lo these many years, should be exciting enough to head on over to see more.

Sample images made with the I’m Back are available on their site.


Yes, the images have grain and fall-off, but that just adds to the charm.

The I’m Back®35 also records video, so it’s not a one-trick pony. See a demo here:

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