Go Into The Light

By | December 2, 2013

HA779As if social networking, media-on-demand, personal accounting, job-search, taxi and a hundred gazillion other portable device apps wasn’t enough, you can now control your lighting at home from wherever you are in the world with Philips’ network-connected, super-efficient LED ‘Hue’ light bulbs with your iPhone or iPad, now available through Apple’s store.

The bulb is available in a couple of different configurations, such as a PAR 30 for down-light applications, and are network connectable. The bulbs are adjustable in terms not only of brightness, but also of colour temperature or hue. A free app controls the light bulb from your iPhone or iPad. Up to fifty bulbs can be manipulated with the software.

The bulbs are anything but cheap, starting at $59 for single bulb to $199 for a ‘starter pack’ of three which includes the Hue Bridge, required for the Hue bulbs to operate. There is also a light strip, like a snake of lights, along with a ‘bloom lamp’.

Philips is not the only company to marketing network-connected lighting. GreenWave offers systems for installers featuring network- and remote-connectable systems.

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