Kodak Recommits To Film After Emerging From Bankruptcy

By | September 5, 2013


September 3, 2013

In an open letter to filmmakers today, delivered by e-mail and posted on Kodak’s Storyboard site,  Andrew Evenski, Kodak’s president of Kodak Entertainment and Professional Films wrote that Kodak is committed to film and will continue to support the industry. He wrote, “Our motion picture film business will continue to be part of the company’s future. We are manufacturing film, we’ve inked contracts with six studios, labs around the world are dedicated to quality service, and, most importantly, filmmakers are choosing film.”

Dan Mindel, Director of Photography for 2009’s Star Trek, Mission Impossible III and Star Wars Episode 7, now in pre-production and directed by J.J. Abrams, confirmed that, like those films, Star Wars Ep. 7 will be shot on film.

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