Binge Watching TV On The Go – What’s Missing?

By | November 15, 2014
Media Everywhere

Media Everywhere

In preparation for an upcoming series of reviews on what’s worth watching in streaming services like Amazon, Netflix and HuluPlus, binge watching TV became a requirement just so that every working, walking, waking moment could be filled with content. For research and review purposes, of course.

Enter the tablet or phone or iPod, all enabled with the latest streaming software, except for the Amazon Fire HD 8.9 which doesn’t offer to run some Android/Google Play apps. Three seasons of The Wire, just to refresh Omar’s impact on the reality of Baltimore – done! Boardwalk Empire? Up to date, notes ready! Hell On Wheels has been consumed in full right up to the current season, airing now on AMC. So, time to switch to the small big screen.

Seeing the cultishly popular Hell On Wheels for the first time in full 1080p HD was a visual revelation. The gritty images blossomed into beautifully staged shots that framed every subtlety the talent cast had to offer. The expertly stylized camera work draws the viewer into the lushly barren Southern Alberta landscape with an intimacy that doesn’t translate to the portable screen.

With HD a long-established expectation for viewers and 4K beginning to slowly supplant it, and the filmic approach of present-day TV to production speaking to that technology, viewers can see and have more to see with each new “TV” offering. But don’t forget that the pocket-sized cinema experience is strictly a matter of portable viewing convenience and the full effect of a large-screen viewing experience should not be missed.

So, put down that iPhone 6 Plus or Galaxy Tab and fire up the home cinema device. Enjoy those pixels that were put there, just for you.

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