Mavericks Hits Your Mac For Free

By | October 24, 2013


Apple has been kind to the world before. iTunes was and is free to download and use. Of course, Apple reaps the benefit of a direct tie-in to their iTunes store and both elements have revolutionised how music is collected and heard. Now, Mavericks, Apple’s OS X upgrade, is free to users of Apple laptops and Mac Pro desktops, along with Mac Minis and all-in-ones. And the early reviews are favourable.

Mavericks is a significant upgrade to OS X, adding more than 200 new features, with a brand-new version of the Safari web browser and Finder tabs and tags, which enhances the already easy-to-navigate Mac even further. And an HDTV can now be used as a second monitor with special configuration which is a boon for the media-consumptive Mac users amongst us.

Mavericks is available as a free download at Download and enjoy!

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